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The history of sports in India could be traced back to the ancient days, when it got burgeoned in the form of martial arts and other forms of traditional arts that became necessary to prove the power of reigns of those days!

It has never let its power to descend till date, and today you can see the country thriving in many genres under the sports category, namely hockey, cricket, tennis, motorsports, golf, volleyball, football, chess, and many more that are played in both national and international levels.


With its victory in the very first match of ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011 against Bangladesh, which has just started on February, 2011, India seemed to have strong objectives to win the World Cup, as it does always. The inception of the world cup has already set fire in the entertainment media and in the spectators’ ground about who is going to win the cup, especially in India right from the age of 10 to 60, or even above or below,  everyone is damn crazy about cricket. In other words, cricket is more than a sport to Indians, and the same with the national cricket team of India, which is governed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) under the captainship of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, besides other popular team competent players, like Sachin Tendulkar, Raghul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, etc… has never left their audiences without the pleasure of spirited and elated match, till date. However, the credit of bringing in victory would go to the 1983 cricket team, bagging renowned players like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Srinivas Venkataraghavan, etc… who won and brought in the 1983 World Cup to India.


There is been speculation regarding the national sport of India, Field Hockey, questioning the ability and efficiency of the Indian hockey team and performance records in the international level. It would be very vivid in the film, ‘Chak De India,’ spotting the political pressures on the Indian hockey team, especially the women’s team. But, winning 8 Olympic gold medals, and the world cup in the year 1975, and consistent medal winning performances recently in the Common Wealth Games have lifted the team and the sport to a different degree in the country.


The fact that India has got adorable skills and stunning competencies in chess games, is brought into limelight by the Indian, Viswanathan Anand who has consistently succeeded in sustaining his world chess championship position for almost 5 times on a total of 6. Certainly, his career record would have been inundated with awards and honors, prizes and various accolades, which includes the best moments like ranking number one all over the world for breaking the 2800 marks in the FIDE rating list, first sports person in Indian history to win Padma Vibhushan, the highest Indian civilian award in the year 2007. It is difficult to count the number of chess players at the current situation in India, as the fame of the game has been spread throughout the country, influencing many young minds to put in their hard work, besides intelligence into the chess games. It is vivid that the chess sports have grown to a great extent in India, which could be further obvious form the website of The All India Chess Federation, which is the responsible governance body of the chess games and sports in the country, the website could be found flourishing with tournaments details, awards information, events list, registered players, and many other related information about the games at international levels too.

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